The prices for sawmilling are well below the market value of any wood you can purchase from a supplier.  It definitely pays to get your own wood milled!

  1. Prices are per pass with the mill. The diameter and length of the log determine the price, as shown below. If your log is larger than my table shows, please give me a call for further pricing.
  2. Cut charges are for green wood. If you have wood that is already seasoned, please give me a call for seasoned pricing. 

Call or text me with questions about sawmilling. Prices can vary.

  • Dirty logs are subject to a cleaning fee. Please clear logs of mud, rocks and other debris before bringing them to be milled.
  • Steel/Foreign Object charge is $40.
  • We are not liable for vehicle or trailer damage. We try to be gentle, but logs are heavy, and heavy equipment is usually required for moving them. It’s best to bring logs on a trailer when possible.

*Pin Oak Trees: Pin Oaks grow incredibly straight, and they look like they would make great slabs, but they generally produce lumber with a lot of cracks. That is because of a phenomenon in the tree known as “wind checking” or “ring shakes”. It’s due to the fast growth that these trees go through. Not all Pin Oaks have this problem, but it is very common. We are more than happy to mill them for you, just be advised that the lumber produced might not be as stable as it may look.